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Celebrate Gender Diversity with Our Non-Binary Flag!

At MyPrideShop, we honor the diverse spectrum of gender identities within the LGBTQ+ community. Our Non-Binary Flag is a symbol of pride, visibility, and acceptance for individuals who identify as non-binary.

Our Non-Binary Flag features a bold and vibrant design that represents the non-binary community with pride. The flag consists of four horizontal stripes:

  • Yellow: Represents people whose gender exists outside of the traditional binary.
  • White: Symbolizes people with many or all genders.
  • Purple: Represents those who feel a mixture of both male and female, neither male nor female, or a third gender altogether.
  • Black: Signifies people who identify as being without gender.

Crafted with premium materials, this flag comes in 3 different sizes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether displayed at Pride events, hung at home, or showcased in the workplace, our flag is a powerful expression of pride and identity.

Product Features:

  • Vibrant colors that symbolize pride and visibility.
  • Durable polyester material for long-lasting use indoors or outdoors.
  • Double-stitched edges for added strength and durability.
  • Two brass grommets for easy hanging on poles or walls.

Historical Significance

The Non-Binary Flag was designed in 2014 by Kye Rowan on the website beyond-mogai-pride-flags. It serves as a symbol of empowerment and visibility for individuals who identify as non-binary.

Why Choose Our Non-Binary Flag?

By proudly displaying our Non-Binary Flag, you're sending a powerful message of acceptance and support for non-binary individuals. Whether you identify within this identity or are an ally to the community, this flag serves as a reminder to celebrate all aspects of gender diversity.

Support the Cause

With each purchase of our Non-Binary Flag, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and initiatives focused on promoting visibility and rights for non-binary individuals.

Join Us in Celebrating Gender Diversity

Show your support for non-binary individuals and celebrate the beauty of diverse gender identities with our Non-Binary Flag. Together, we can create a world where everyone's identity is celebrated and respected.