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Celebrate Identity with Our Demigender Flag!

At MyPrideShop, we celebrate the rich diversity of gender identities within the LGBTQ+ community. Our Demigender Flag is a powerful symbol of pride, visibility, and acceptance for individuals who identify as demigender.

Our Demigender Flag features a distinctive design that represents the demigender community with pride. The flag consists of five horizontal stripes:

  • Yellow: Represents nonbinary and genderqueer individuals, acknowledging the spectrum of nonbinary and genderqueer identities
  • White: Represents the experience of partial identification with a specific gender, symbolizing the spectrum of demigender identities
  • Gray: Represents the absence of gender, symbolizing the spectrum of agender identities and the diversity of demigender experiences

Crafted with premium materials, this flag comes in variable sizes, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether displayed at Pride events, hung at home, or showcased in the workplace, our flag is a powerful expression of pride and identity.

Note: Flag stands and poles are not included.

Average Est. Processing Time - 2-4 business days

Shipping info:

US: 4-7 business days

EU: 10-20 business days

ROW: 10-25 business days

Product Features:

  • Vibrant colors that symbolize pride and visibility.
  • Durable polyester material for long-lasting use indoors or outdoors.
  • Double-stitched edges for added strength and durability.
  • Two brass grommets for easy hanging on poles or walls.

Historical Significance

The Demigender Flag was created in 2014 by a Tumblr user named Rowan Collins. It serves as a symbol of empowerment and visibility for individuals who identify as demigender.

Why Choose Our Demigender Flag?

By proudly displaying our Demigender Flag, you're sending a powerful message of acceptance and support for demigender individuals. Whether you identify within this identity or are an ally to the community, this flag serves as a reminder to celebrate all aspects of gender identity.

Support the Cause with Demigender Pride Flag

With each purchase of our Demigender Flag, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and initiatives focused on promoting visibility and rights for demigender individuals.

Join Us in Celebrating Identity

Show your support for demigender individuals and celebrate the beauty of diverse gender identities with our Demigender Flag. Together, we can create a world where everyone's identity is celebrated and respected.

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