February 05, 2024

This 10 LGBT Books will make you understand the inside out of the LGBTQ world

Books are nourishing and a bank of entertainment for the reader. Many of us have read books that stuck to our eyes, arrested us in the story, twirling around with the twists and turns of the story; getting our bail (freedom) only at the end of the book. Similarly, there have been some LGBT books that rocked our world. Books that gripped us by the neck in excitement, with steamy enthusiasm and suspense, we wouldn’t even mind reading them in the bathroom as we couldn’t afford a minute outside them.

Let us look at some of these books.


Laura Lam has been notorious for churning out powerful love stories and the Shadowplay happens to be another of her indictments in killing us with the most exciting LGBT books. In Shadowplay, we have Micah Gray abandoning all modesty to team up with the circus upon a forceful genital reassignment surgery plotted by his mother. Micah Gray enjoys the freedom of his sexuality at the circus mixing his boyishness with a girly spice. He sneaks into romances with men and women with no worry of consequences. The excitement of the book rouses when Micah having stepped on to toes resorts to learning magic from the witty Jasper to wriggle past his aggressors from his past life.

Loaded, Christos Tsiolkas 

This book, quintessential piece details the expeditions of the adventurous Ari. In Loaded, Ari is a young gay boy whose glint or flair for family, his job dovetails down the drain and he gets generally disinterested in life. Everything changes for Ari on one special night out in the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. His whole world is turned around and revitalized when he chooses to stop running from all the psychological afflictions that have been pelting him all his life. Loaded is a toast of excitement and resentment, you are surely going to fall in love with this ingenious work from Christos Tsiolkas.

Fan Art

Sarah Tregay was terribly astonishing with the Fan Art. The book is built around the fiery emotions of Jamie for his best friend Mason peppered with jealousy that Mason was getting “full-time straight” in love with a girl. Jamie is enveloped with fears that his best friend is about to sneak out of his life with his feelings for Mason nearing a violent burst. Was he going to play cool or take Mason the bull by the horn, in opening up? Sarah Tregay perfectly toasted first love, friendship, and envy into this delicious book. You are always coming back for another glance after your first read.

Pages for You

When a first-year university student gets knotted in a relationship with a woman, you expect a turbulent wave of emotions to be washing the relationship. This is the story that Sylvia Brownrigg perfectly tells in the Pages for you. Sylvia artistically tells the story brushing past the sweet and sour parts as LGBT relationships struggle, consolidate and even ferment over time. You have to give the Pages for you a sneak if you haven’t read it before.

Clancy of the Undertow 

The toughness of being different is well typified in this book. Growing up gay, Clancy is subjected to intense discrimination. She is associated with the uttermost weirdness, the Nazareth of her town which nothing good comes from. But Clancy is letting none of the external heat scalds her happiness even going as far as crushing ferociously on the hot girl of the town way off her league. At the end, only Clancy’s immortal survivor instincts and appetite for the impossible see her through.


Being gay is one exasperation, being broke is another. Being broke and gay simultaneously is aggressively draining. Michelle Tea dances around beautifully in this book bringing her characters vividly and excitingly to life. The poetic edge of the book also makes you are getting a satisfying doze Michelle is trying to dole out. She definitely couldn’t do better with the plot and characters than she did with Valencia. A masterful piece assuredly.

Everything Leads to You 

When you try every road possible and they all helplessly lead to love. Nina LaCour comes in powerfully in this book on the heels of her previous hit Hold Still. Everything Leads to You is a modern love story built around two girls smeared in mutual affections for each other. On one side, there is Emi, the expert film designer but struggles to replicate the thrill and happiness she stages on set (film), in her love life. The book deliciously stitches mystery and suspense together as at the end Emi breaks through inspiringly with a revolutionary letter landing her the astonishing and weird Ava. A confident recommendation for anyone interested in LGBT literature.

One Man Guy

This is one amazing LGBT literature that you are always coming back gluttonously to read. Unconventional and wild Aleksander Khederian finds himself fish out of the water with very conservative Armenian-American parents. The last thing Khederian wants in his carefree life is summer school. But what his malady adds a flavorful turn when he meets Ethan. He drools for Ethan, for Ethan’s hunger for what lies outside the rules, the adventures and doggedness not forgetting Ethan’s humongous chunk of self-confidence.

Now the burden for Khederian is toasting more sexual spice into his friendship with Ethan. And when he eventually wins over Ethan, the next mountain is how Khederian would win his ultra-conservative family to accept his amiable relationship with Ethan.

Not Otherwise Specified

Being open about your sexuality shows mental toughness but that doesn’t, however, indicate that you are steel commando with no problems. Young Etta has a lorry load of problems she has to battle through as a teenage bisexual struggling through a society that is reluctant to absorb her and her sexual philosophy. Hannah Moskowitz stretches her narrative prowess, spicing things up intermittently with some lovely humor. Great work from her inarguably.

In all these are some of the top LGBT books for your reading relish. One thing these books share in all is the excitement and thrill. You will need such volume of self-discipline not to come back and read them after your first time.